Volvo V90 Cross Country offroad. Volvo in mud. Volvo AWD test

Volvo V90 Cross Country offroad. Volvo in mud. Volvo AWD test


It’s fair to say that no other automaker has been so committed to wagons as Volvo. Whether you’re thinking of the Volvo Duett in the early 1950s or the boxy 850 of the 1990s, there’s probably something from Volvo’s past that will seem familiar. The V90 Cross Country is the brand’s biggest. It’s just like the regular V90 wagon but has some SUV-like enhancements such as a raised suspension (good for 8.3 inches of ground clearance), standard all-wheel drive and more rugged-looking styling.

For 2021, the V90 Cross Country gets refreshed with updated styling and more tech. Those design tweaks include updated front and rear bumpers, a new taillight design and new wheels. As a whole, it remains the same lifted wagon that debuted a few years back alongside the standard V90 wagon and related S90 sedan. Inside, the two cars are identical, from the design of the dash to the spacious cargo area. And, as with every Volvo, the V90 Cross Country is fitted with some of the latest driver aids and safety features available today.

Volvo has had this class to itself for the past few years. Yes, there are other wagons, but no one made one that offered as much room or ground clearance as the V90 Cross Country. But within the past year, the Audi A6 Allroad has made its return, and Mercedes-Benz has introduced the E-Class All-Terrain.

Both are aimed squarely at the V90 Cross Country. There’s also the smaller Audi A4 Allroad, but that’s closer in size and price to Volvo’s own V60 Cross Country. Overall, we’re fond of the V90 Cross Country and certainly recommend giving it a look.