The truck driver is lying about the accident(VIDEO + Photo)

The truck driver is lying about the accident(VIDEO + Photo)


On Friday, January 24, a driver of a Volvo car experienced a terrible accident on the Riga bypass. A video of a road accident has been published.

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Miraculously, after a frontal collision with a several-tonne truck, a Volvo driver managed to escape death, and he didn’t even have to be taken to hospital because he got through without being seriously injured.

“There are various scratches, abrasions. I didn’t do any maneuvers… Suddenly the truck moved to my lane. I have no choice but to try to avoid a collision by driving on the outskirts, ”says Maxim, Volvo’s manager.

Just as Maxim tried to avoid a collision, the two vehicles were already too close to each other. The man was not able to influence the situation in any way, and then a blow ensued. Both vehicles flew off the road, and a truck pushed a tensed meter of Volvo along the metal barrier.

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“The truck pulls about 100 meters along the curb, then there is nothing pleasant there. At the moment when a collision occurs and you are dragged along the outskirts, there is nothing you can do but wait for what will happen next, ”says Maxim. Photo from the scene.

Maksima’s car will not be repairable after an accident, but the main thing is that it has performed its protective functions perfectly.

The driver of the truck for the program “Degpunkta” expressed his version of what happened, and it differs from what the driver of “Volvo” told.

“I’m driving in this direction, but this Volvo driver is overtaking someone in the opposite lane. I saw him. He probably also saw a “fur” ride on top of him. He hit me, I drove to the left, ”says the truck driver.

As you can see in the video, the truck driver has entered the opposite lane and the events he is telling are contrary to what actually happened