Volvo xc60 t8 on fir.e. Car ex.plosion

Volvo xc60 t8 on fir.e. Car ex.plosion



When the “safest car in the world” almost killed me and my one year old daughter. #volvounsafe #volvohybrid #volvot8 #xc60 #volvoxc60 #volvocars
The car literally exploded while I was driving back from daycare in a busy street of Vitoria, just 2 hours after I had picked it up at the car dealers. The car had been in service for at the local volvo dealer.

The video was taped by someone in the street minutes after I got out. In the end there is an explosion. One of the several explosions that happened before the firefighters arrived. I am in shock, having trouble to sleep, lost several personal possessions but thankful to be alive.

I wonder what #Standforsafety they praise so much about means to them. Safety in a car is not just about crashes. It’s guaranteeing that you can take your 6 month old car to the authorized dealer and not be carbonized alive after they have touched it.

I have no idea the real cause of the engine fire: faulty engine, human mistake by the dealer who should have been highly trained to touch these cars.. regardless, this can’t be considered a safe car if its so vulnerable to explosion. This is a major alert to everyone who owns this car.

Contacted Volvocars and received no assistance. Meanwhile they sent out a press release to the media saying that we were being fully assisted. This is the company that wants to be recognized for the safest car in the world. I can only thank God and the people who assisted me to take my baby out of the car.

This is the link to the local media news report on the case. I’m still waiting for a decent contact by Volvo and a full explanation to what happened.