500HP Volvo V50 T5 v.s 720HP Porsche 991

500HP Volvo V50 T5 v.s 720HP Porsche 991


One of the best things you can do with a sleeper is to challenge a supercar and ask any potential passengers to hold on to the popcorn bag. Then again, there are also times when sleepers duke it out among themselves.

And the adventure that brought us here today shows just that – a pair of sleepers that plays the drag racing game. The two machines got together at a half-mile event held on a German airfield, so the drivers had all the space they needed to stretch the legs of their machines.

We’re not even sure which of the two is more impressive. That’s because we’re talking about a Volvo V50 T5 and a second-generation Volkswagen Golf, with both having 5xx outputs.

The five-cylinder Volvo comes with a nicely rounded 500 hp, but the fact that it is a station wagon only makes thins more enticing. As for the Golf, its age is the one that impresses, while the thing packs 550 ponies. However, there are a few small clues towards its powaaah, such as the fact that it has lost a headlight in order for the cold air intake to do its job properly.Here’s why you might be experiencing deja-vu

Now, the Swedish machine you see here might seem familiar. And that’s because we’ve shown you the mad station wagon at work before.

In fact, we talked about this Volvo earlier this month – the V50 T5 doesn’t just race other sleepers. Instead, the toy also likes to take on supercars, as, for instance, it drag raced a 991 Porsche 911 Turbo S.