Volvo S90 V.S Mercedes E Class

Volvo S90 V.S Mercedes E Class


With a distinctive design inside and out and a plush driving experience, the Volvo S90 is a luxury sedan that prides itself on being different from the German competition. Its minimalist Scandinavian style makes for a cosseting cabin, and the quiet and comfortable ride foregoes sportiness in favor of relaxation.

The base B6 powertrain includes a mild-hybrid setup, while the S90 Recharge features a plug-in-hybrid drivetrain with an EPA-rated 21 miles of all-electric range. Many luxury and driver-assistance features are on offer, and the S90’s price is significantly lower than other full-size luxury sedans.

The B6 replaces the T6 as the S90’s base engine. It’s once again a turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter inline-four, but this time around it features a 48-volt hybrid system and produces 295 horsepower.

The S90 also gains an Android-based infotainment system and upgraded sensors for the driver-assistance systems.