Volvo vs Scania: Truck DRAG RACE

Volvo vs Scania: Truck DRAG RACE


We’ve got a Scania Grab Lorry going up against a Volvo Concrete Pump & Scania Skip lorries to find out which is the ultimate small truck!

So how do they compare? Well Mat’s in the Grab Lorry, which comes packing a total of 9-litres and the ability to produce 280hp. As you can imagine though, it’s pretty heavy, weighing in at 18-tonnes!

We’ve then got Yianni in the Skip Lorry, which just like the Grab Lorry comes packing 9 litres, although it’s slightly down on power, with 250hp. And then finally we have Daniel, who’s rolled up in a Volvo Pump Lorry. It may only be packing 5-litres, but it weighs in a whole 5 tonnes LESS than the trucks either side!

Surely the weight difference will be enough to power him to victory, right? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!